What Does This Mean for the Next Generation?

Latino Population Is Growing

The Latino population has been growing rapidly since the late 90s, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Many have come to seek better jobs than they could have received in their countries of origin.  There are currently more Latino males than females; however, Memphis has seen an increasing influx of women who have come to join the men.

Largest Immigrant Group in Memphis

Latinos are by far the largest immigrant group here in the Memphis area.  They have come from many different countries, but share similar cultural values.  One such common value is community orientation.  The result of this is that many live in close proximity to other Latinos.  While they live in every area of Shelby county, they are concentrated in the Berclair, Hickory Hill, Millington, and Collierville areas.

Local Statistics

Population:  110,000, estimated recognizing that most undocumented immigrants do not want to be counted; local estimates range to 200,000 living in Shelby County

Predominate Language: Spanish

Primary Religion: Roman Catholic

Evangelical Churches: 30